Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ian Ference

Once again, this picture immediately put me in mind of the chairs I photographed earlier. The soft lighting from the window is even similar to the lighting of my picture. The setting of this shot is also reminiscent of what my recent work has been centered around. The abandoned and decaying building with the leftovers of past inhabitances, the ghost of a presence. Like the chair of John Divola, Ference’s chair is facing away from the viewer. However, unlike Divola, this chair is facing the window as though looking for escape, something its previous inhabitance have evidently already found. In the caption on Ference’s website, the lighting is labeled as moonlight. Ference probably saw the room before hand (unless he just likes walking around abandoned hospitals at night) and chose to come back when the moon was at a place where he could use it to get the type of lighting he wanted for the final shot.

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