Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Angel Chiriboga

Though this has no relevance to my current project, I found this image too intriguing not to share. In its own morbid way, it reminds me of the emulation I did of Abelardo Morell. This series balances two-dimensional x-rays in a three-dimensional setting. Though in some of the images the x-rays are hung like pictures on a organic wall, this particular photo has the lungs hanging from a tree as if the tree were the spine that connects the pair of lungs to the forest around it. I love the idea of the photographer walking around the woods with these x-rays, trying them on different trees to see which ones fit. The way in which Chiriboga places the x-rays with their back ground (lungs with the tree, brain with the 420 graffiti, feet walking along the river) shows a true seeking out of the right environment for each image.

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