Monday, September 27, 2010

Abelardo Morell

For this photo project I am using Abelardo Morell's series on Alice in Wonderland as my inspiration. In the series he uses cut outs of the original illustrations to re-illustrate the story. In all of the pictures, books are used as props with in his miniature stage set; pattered cloth is also a common back ground for his scenes. The dramatic light coming out of the book is probably the most important aspect of this image. Having the rabbit back-lit is also key because it allows the white of the paper to  become darker and retain the information within it.

Once again the dramatic lighting sets the tone for the picture. The book also plays another major architectural part in the image. Something new in this shot is the introduction of outside props. The miniature tea set adds to the three-dimensional parts of the set. A small aperture and slow shutter speed gives him the depth of field to view both Alice and the figures closer to the camera.

Of all the images in this series, Morells use of the water and reflection makes this image my favorite. The patterns appearing in the shadows and the light reflection off the surface makes the image come alive in the same way that the light with in the book animates his rabbit hole picture. His willingness to totally destroy his subjects for the picture is terrifyingly successful. Though I would struggle to go to such lengths, his desecration of these books and illustrations have made for an almost magical series.

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