Monday, December 6, 2010

Matt Weber

Flat photography usually dont interest me but in street photography, I really like graphic element it adds. The shapes of the railing and the mosaic activate the space, balancing each other out. The girl adds the crucial element of interest being the subject. The scuffs on the wall appear to be confetti spewing from her outstretched arm; her upturned face drawing the attention into the picture. Her shape is perfectly balanced by the inclusion of the protruding piece of wall decoration in the opposite corner. 

The dramatic light created by the fog here really makes this picture. The contrast between the soft and swirling fog and the hard edged city seem to pull the human shape between two worlds. The fact that the figure is fully covered by the fog allows it remain some what isolated from the city. The lines from where the street meets the buildings draws the eye into the center as do the verticals above it. The distance from which the picture was taken makes it feel more like an intrusion on a surreal almost ritualistic moment. 

The real strength in this picture lies in the subject, 9/11. However it's unconventional view of the towers shows a side of it not seen from the plethora of after math pictures shown in most newspapers. The inclusion of the children who are completely oblivious to what is happening around them and the mother, forced to ignore it so she can continue taking care of her kids turns the focus towards the affect on the rest of America. The diagonals in the image draw the focus to the distant and muted towers while the contrasts make allow the figures to maintain the center of focus. 

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